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Divorce Dissolution of Marriage Legal Separation Alimony Arizona Maricopa County

Dissolution of Marriage - Divorce - 

Legal Separation - Establish Alimony (Spousal Maintenance)

Child Custody Parenting Time Child Support Legal Custody Physical Custody Sole Custody Arizona Maricopa County Superior Court

Modify Legal Custody (Legal Decision-Making Authority), Parenting Time, Child Support

Paternity Child Custody Phoenix Mesa Scottsdale Tempe Gilbert Glendale Arizona Superior Court of Arizona Maricopa County Child Support Enforcement Modification

Establish Paternity, Legal Custody (Legal Decision-Making Authority), Parenting Time, Child Support

Petition for Enforcement Contempt Child Custody Orders Support Hague Convention Parental Child Abduction UCCJEA Father's rights Fathers rights custody rights parental kidnapping

Enforcement of Court Orders - International and National Parental Abduction of Child Cases (Hague Convention and UCCJEA)

Pre-nuptial agreement prenuptial agreement premarital agreement post-marital agreement postmarital agreement separation agreement legal separation property settlement agreement divorce Maricopa County Superior Court Phoenix Arizona Family Lawyer Arizona

Pre-Marital (Pre-Nuptial) and Post-Marital (Post-Nuptial) Agreements

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